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Top 13 Annoying People on Facebook

I can’t be the only one who logs onto facebook and sighs because your news feed is full of pointless crap by people that you barely even know. So I decided to make a list of the top 13 annoying people I see on facebook on a regular basis. Do you fit any of the ones described?

Top 13 Annoying People on Facebook

13) The ones who have ridiculous names

I can understand some people don’t feel comfortable using their real names on facebook for whatever reason but there is a fine line between a slightly altered fake name and a completely ridiculous one.

For example, I seriously doubt your name is Hanna Sweetgurlthang Louis.

Your name is also not Xtecee Beatz, so stop changing your name to something stupid.

 I don’t like having to click on your profile every time you change your name because I don’t know who you are anymore.

Another pet peeve is when people change their last name to their boyfriend’s last name when they aren’t married, or their best friend’s last name or a celebrity’s name.

You are not married to Justin Bieber so don’t use his last name.

12) The ones that fall for facebook spam

There are always a few people on your friends list that falls for those facebook scams that results in their account spamming a video or link to everyone’s walls.

They can vary from “OMG I can’t believe Taylor Swift took racy pics! Must see!” to “Obama thinks child slavery should be legal! Click here to help stop this!”

So the poor naïve curiosity kicks in and *click* they cave in.

Next thing they know there is pop up after pop up and their facebook is now spamming the link to as many people as possible.

Not only is your stupidity spreading a virus to your friends, but it’s also disappointing to think you have a new notification but it’s really just a facebook mishap on your part.

But I mean, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t the MOST annoying thing people can do on facebook.

It’s an accident right? Plus, the embarrassment of the one responsible makes up for it.

11) The ones who tag you in photos you aren’t in

“Oh look! Someone tagged me in a photo! I wonder what it could be?” *Click*

……oh…..It’s a cat. Ummmm thanks? *Untag*

People, don’t waste your time tagging people in photos that they aren’t in. A better alternative if you want them to see the photo is to just post the link to their wall.

If you tag someone in a bunch of irrelevant photos then it will take longer for people to find ACTUAL photos of them.

Or how about those pictures that everyone seems to love where you tag a ton of people based on words or characters.

Who is the witty one? Who is the caring one? Who is the prettiest one?

Look at all these pokemon! I’m going to tag this friend as Pikachu…and THIS friend as charmander.

Why? Hell if I know!

On a similar note, there are also those applications on facebook like “Who are your biggest facebook stalkers?”

Or “Who is your best love match?” where facebook “calculates” who interacts with your profile the most.

Well guess what, those applications usually automatically tag everyone mentioned in the resulting picture.

One is fine and dandy and good for a quick laugh…but then EVERYONE hops on the band wagon and does it too.

Since you are an avid facebook user you are tagged in EVERY SINGLE ONE. Now your ‘photos tagged of you’ section is full of these useless statistics.

10) The ones that invite their entire friend list to an event

I for one, do not get many facebook invites to events mostly because the events my friends and I plan usually aren’t important or big enough to make a facebook event for. So when I do, I have to admit I get a little bit excited.

So when I click on the events page, it doesn’t please me to see that someone I never talked to from elementary school has invited me to a random party out in the middle of nowhere along with 500 of their closest friends.

What is the point of inviting everyone on your friend list? First of all, if you have over 500 friends on facebook then there is a very slim chance you actually talk to these people on a semi-regular basis.

We never talked in the past and we don’t talk now. In fact, I don’t even know why you added me on facebook to begin with.

Also, I don’t know what kind of house you live in…but what if, on the SLIGHT chance…every single person you invited showed up to your party.

Unless you live in a mansion then there is no way your house is going to survive that party. There is also a huge chance that the police are going to shut it down since drunken and disorderly people will probably be crowding the road and disturbing the neighbours.

9) The ones that send you a friend request for no reason

Harvey Gallagher has sent you a friend request.

Hmm maybe I know him from somewhere, I should check out his profile to make sure.

Then you find out he lives in another country altogether and you’re just left confused.

I always send a message to anyone who tries to add me saying “hey, sorry but do I know you?”

Sometimes people reply with stupid answers like “No but I added you anyway” and I just delete their request and go on my merry way.

What is more annoying is when they don’t reply at all. Why add me if you’re not going to even talk to me? That just tells me you are either adding me to get more friends or you just want to creep my profile. Neither of which are cool with me, so no, I’m not going to accept your friend request random stranger.

What is even more amusing is when they don’t even speak English but decide to add you anyway, attempting to hit on you in broken English.

But then there are also those people who ACCEPT these random friend requests and then complain about random creepers commenting on their posts.

What the hell do you expect? You weren’t forced to accept their friend requests!

8) The ones that post photos of themselves drinking/holding alcohol

If every single one of your photo albums contains you and your friends partying and drinking then that may be a bit of a problem.

Do you do anything else with your time?

 I enjoy partying on occasion, sure. But when I do, I don’t spend the majority of my time documenting it with racy photos.

What is more annoying is when underage teenagers do this and they are probably the ones I see doing it the most.

It doesn’t make you cool to have a hundred pictures of you downing a bottle of rum or posing with bottles of vodka.

It doesn’t make you cool taking a picture of all the empty bottles by the end of the night.

My rule of thumb is: you are mature enough to drink alcohol when you don’t feel the need to post it all over the internet. The same goes for elicit drugs…are you dumb?

7) The ones that don’t respond to event invites at all

I can understand someone not responding to an event invite if you are one of the annoying people who invite your whole friend list to them. You can’t expect people who barely know you to care enough to respond.

But so many times I have planned smaller events that I invite close friends to and it is so disappointing when they don’t take a couple seconds to respond.

More days pass and you see that they’ve been on facebook since you made the event so you wonder why they haven’t said anything yet.

You shouldn’t have to harass your friends about that.

Then finally the day of the event comes and you check online and see there are still “4 awaiting reply.” It’s just plain rude in my opinion.

With close friends I also think you owe them a reason as to why you can’t make it if you choose “not attending.” It’s just the polite thing to do and won’t take up much more of your precious time.

6) The ones who list all their friends as their family

There is no point in listing all your close friends as your sisters, aunts, brothers, mothers and fathers on facebook.

It just makes your page look crowded and it’s just stupid. I have a gigantic family and the majority of them are on facebook so I list THEM as my family, not my friends.

My friends are my friends.

I don’t have much to say about this one, I just think it’s silly.

5) The ones that demand you delete a photo because they don’t look perfect

I don’t think I’m the most photogenic person in the world and that’s perfectly fine with me.

If you were to look through my photos you will find I make stupid faces in photos quite often.

Want to know why? I have pretty big eyes so when I smile and try to look normal I look the exact opposite.

I look like a serial killer on crack and that’s when I’m TRYING to look sane.

THOSE are the pictures I find embarrassing but I never demand that someone delete the photo altogether.

I laugh at myself and untag myself if need be if it’s that bad.

For example, I find this picture of me to be embarrassing ------------------------------------->

To avoid this I make weird faces in photos. Why?

 Well, if I’m looking silly on purpose then no matter how horrible it is, I’m not embarrassed by it…because I got exactly what I was going for!

But it’s really annoying when you take a really funny picture or a really great picture and someone in that photo doesn’t think they look perfect enough.

They can’t handle looking funny in a photo and demand you delete it.

I’ll be nice and won’t tag you in but I’m not going to delete it.

Don’t be so self-conscious and learn to laugh at yourself once in a blue moon.

<------------------- That's better!

4) The ones that update their status every 2 minutes

This is facebook, not twitter. The world doesn’t need or want to know what you are doing every second of the day.

We don’t care if you are going out for dinner or if you decided to change your outfit again.

We don’t care if you are going to play xbox for an hour. We don’t care if you are going to sleep and then going to school.

Update your status when you have something worth telling people.

All you’re doing is spamming my news feed and I miss updates that I would rather read.

3) The ones that like everything and comment on nothing

Okay cool so you like my new photo. Oh you also like my status? Okay. Suddenly I get a barrage of “like” notifications because you decided to go on a liking spree and like a bunch of my photos and statuses and wall posts.

I get that you like it, that’s great! But tell me what you REALLY think with ACTUAL words!

You can’t really spark a conversation from a like but you can from a comment.

It’s more fun to read a comment than to find out someone liked something of yours.

So please for the love of God, take a moment to write something interesting or witty because it sure delays my boredom more than liking everything.

2) The ones that write vague status updates for attention

I’ve seen this one so many times and it drives me bonkers. Someone writes a vague status update that is either: misleading, depressing, angry or song lyrics that make you THINK something is wrong.


“R.I.P. Joey, you will forever be in our hearts, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you =(“

Comments: oh my gosh I’m so sorry! My condolences to you and your family xo

or…. Who is Joey?

Their reply? “He was my hamster”

It may not have been intentional but obviously people are going to assume someone close to you passed away like someone in your family or a good friend. No one assumes it is your pet unless it had a name like Cookie or Spot. Not saying that the death of a pet isn’t tragic as well.


“Omg can life get any worse? FML”

Comments: are you okay? What happened?

Their reply? “I don’t want to talk about, but thanks”

People who post statuses such as these tend to post them a lot.

They are vague and attention-seeking and when they are asked what’s wrong, they suddenly don’t want to talk about it.

If you are going to post your dramatic life on facebook then expect to be asked what happened.

If you don’t want to talk about it or it’s too personal then DON’T POST IT ON THE INTERNET.

This makes it look like you are doing it for pity and attention.

Or sometimes when they DO say what’s wrong, it’s something ridiculous like they got their phone taken away for a week. BOO HOO cry me a river. There are far worse things that could happen in the world and I do not feel the least sympathetic when people make a mountain out of a mole hill. Tell that to people living in poverty who can’t afford to eat every day and who don’t even own a cell phone.


“I hate it when people talk behind my back, if you have something to say to me then say it to my face, seriously. I’m so done with the bull”

Why write a status that is obviously directed at a particular person when you could just say it them personally.

Everyone on your friend list doesn’t need to know about the beef you are having with a friend or significant other.

Don’t complain about people not saying things to your face when your status is doing the exact same thing.

Posting statuses like these are immature.

If you have an issue with someone then work it out with them, don’t get other people involved.

These statuses only put people in a bad light and their only purpose is to hurt someone or get people on your side.

Song Lyrics:

I lost it all, nothing lasts forever…I’m sorry I can’t be perfect.

This is a simple plan lyric for all those who aren’t familiar. This is an example of someone who posts song lyrics without stating they are lyrics.

This could be misleading and make someone think there is something wrong. Sometimes they are a reference to something but other times they just put them there because they like the song.

I like using song lyrics too to express how I’m feeling but if I do, I always use quotation marks and list the artist so no one gets confused.

1) The ones who always use horrible grammar and spelling

This is my biggest pet peeve of all. Not only on facebook but on the internet in general.

So many people use the excuse “spelling doesn’t matter on the internet” when they are corrected but you want to know my response?

Why the hell wouldn’t it matter on the internet?

Imagine you are trying to get a good job and your future employer decides to look you up on facebook and sees that you are an atrocious speller and probably don’t even know what grammar is.

The likelihood of you getting that job is probably reduced because you sound like a moron.

Plus it’s just plain irritating to read. Personally, it takes me longer to spell things incorrectly than it does correctly. I’m not saying everyone has to be perfect, I’m sure I make mistakes from time to time but when someone is constantly making errors when typing and they have some kind of education then you should just get off the internet altogether.

It’s more annoying when people spell things wrong on purpose. I can understand “u” being a short form for “you” because it’s faster and it’s still fairly easy to read. But if you spell it like “yu” or “yew” then I want to slap you in the face. That doesn’t save you time whatsoever! Other examples are skool or skewl, kewl, wurd or werd, etc.

It doesn’t make you cooler by spelling them wrong.

Also, WheEn PpL SPeeLl LyKe DiS TheN GTfO bEcUz iM nOt WaStIn mA LyFe TrYin 2 ReAd DiS ShYtE. Holy crap that took forever to type. I can’t believe some people type like that on a regular basis.

Go back to school.

Lastly, when people add a bunch of unnecessary letters liiiiiiiiiike thiiiiiiiiiiiisssssss all the time then it gets annoying. Like heyyyyyyy baaaaaaaaabbbeee omg I misssss youuuu sooooo muchhhhhh!!!!!! Looooooooooooooool.

No. Stop it. Now.

So there you have it. My top 13 most annoying people on facebook.

I’m sure there are tons more I could have mentioned but I felt 13 was enough and I really didn’t think I needed to explain why poking is a stupid facebook function.

If you fit any of the above the descriptions then please re-evaluate your facebook conduct.



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